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Just tried your sausage for the first time at a Jumbo Shrimp game.  Ill be checking my local Winn Dixie and Rowe's to bring some home!  Keep up the good work.  

    Quality Sausage!  EA

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Your products are consistently world-class; your legacy impressive. Your website is positively noteworthy, and very nicely complements your tantalizing and savory art.

   Thank You! JS


I've never heard of your sausage but u went to my sister's house and she had some there. I grabbed a piece thinking it was your basic sausage I didn't expect sausage to taste so good. I asked her who makes this sausage She said Azar she said it's made here in Jacksonville I said that's the best sausage I've ever had. I'm going to get this sausage whenever I can.


Thank You!

Awesome Job

Thank you for your amazing product and your A+ customer service. Your product is always consistent and of course delicious and everyone is always so friendly when I call in my order. We appreciate you...keep up the awesome job! <3 Bonos Racetrack Rd.  JC